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Community Dinner With James Deen

The house slaves have a terrible habit of avoiding discovery of their mistakes, which typically lands them in even more trouble. Tonight is no exception. From the get, the slaves forget to serve dinner to the guests promptly and the mistakes continue to roll out from there. Orgasms are stolen, incorrect answers given, and lies […]

Stefanos’ Brunch 2

The slaves are here to serve the House, but not always through basic service. Today they are serving as entertainment for the guests. Stefanos takes turns playing with the slaves, and eventually makes them put on a a sexual display for our guests. One of our slaves, o, has never been fisted, and kaos makes […]

House Party: Debauchery

The House celebrates a night of debauchery and sexual service with guest of honor Derrick Pierce. The slaves take turns attempting to please Mr. Pierce, but he runs through them just to start from the beginning of the process again. The slaves are used on each other as well, and Chrome is fisted by Kaos […]

Slave Initiation: Rosie

After her first day of becoming acclimated with how things work on TUF, it’s time for Rosie’s initiation. She is released from the trunk she was left in by Jack Hammer and finds her place with the other slaves. Unfortunately for Rosie, her most brutal critic is a distinguished guest this evening: Goddess Soma. Soma […]