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The Petitioning of Bella Rossi

The Household of the Upper Floor considers Bella Rossi’s return to service. Bella wants to return to the House, and her fate is decided at a petitioner’s dinner. The household tests the slut’s intentions through a grueling predicament bondage scene, deep cock sucking and hard pussy fucking. Bella’s huge tits are used and her pretty […]

Lesbian Anal Training Party

The House woos Goddess Aiden Starr by showering her with hot slave asses! Asses for her to fuck, beat, tease and order around as she sees fit for the entire evening on the Upper Floor. The slaves compete with one another for a favored position as Aiden’s personal servant. Mogul and the House steward Stefanos […]

Stefanos’ Brunch 5

It is a lovely afternoon for debauchery on the Upper Floor. Come join us in the lap of luxury and help discipline the House slaves. Come to this exclusive event, let the house slaves service you!

House Slave Review

What exactly are these slutty house slaves good for? Mogul wants to know what the slaves have been taught, and tasks the Steward of the House to drill Ryan and Beretta James on their presentation skills, positions, and cock skills. Both sluts get their faces fucked and are drilled on protocols. Maestro bangs Ryan’s submissive […]

House Celebration: Fire Play & Farewell Pope p. 2

This is the second half of the action packed Upper Floor Halloween Party. This sequence starts with James taking some personal time to train Odile in a game of suffering, endurance, and mental strength. The task appears simple: Keep your mind on your pussy and your legs in the air. But as shackles and chains […]