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Winter Solstice Party

The House slaves are used as toys to amuse the party. Mummification, hot candle wax, slave orgasms, bondage, blow jobs and hard pussy fucking all break out in this crazy sex and BDSM solstice party! Come to this exclusive event, let the house slaves service you!

Blow Job Brunch

The monthly brunch starts off innocently with the usual suspects in attendance. But when the house slaves start fucking each other, the guests are inspired and a long series of blow jobs breaks out. Everyone is soon fucking and sucking between bondage and BDSM scenes, and the brunch turns into an official Sunday afternoon orgy! […]

Synchronicity in Servitude

Synchronicity: the experience of events that are apparently unrelated, yet are experienced as occurring together in a meaningful manner. A staff of slaves runs on teamwork. Teamwork relies on knowing your team mates. Knowing is being. And these two slave will ‘be’ each other until they get it right. Now, slaves, go fuck yourselves. The […]

Odile’s Penance

House slave Odile was a bad girl, but she is a good girl now. Our party opens with House slave Dylan Ryan suspended in leather straps – an elegant centerpiece of conversation for those guests in attendance. Meanwhile, slave Odile is caught out of uniform and made to face all manner of consequence. Her slut […]