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Anal Alani Pi Party

When Alani Pi takes a hard cock in her ass, the house slaves have to ramp up their party service to keep up with the fresh meat. Come to this exclusive event, let the house slaves service you!

Lesbian Slave Training: Orientation Day

With Aiden Starr’s help, we were able to initiate the new slaves to the ways pf the House. The house rules were drilled into Aorta and Odile’s pretty little heads and pussies. This month’s slaves are issued their livery and locker. The silver is polished. Pussies are licked and sucked. And slaves are taught their […]

Lounge Slaves

The Upper Floor slaves are ordered to service the lounge. Come to this exclusive event, let the house slaves service you!

On Matters of Deportment

Deportment is the way one express oneself through facial features and by the way one moves or holds their body. Some slaves evoke appropriate deportment, some don’t. Today we give the new meat, kahill, some training on walking and moving gracefully. We then evaluate her performance to determine her role at the next event. Depending […]

Training Day: Face Fucking the New Meat

When the house slaves show up for training day, they walk into a sadistic game of conflicting orders and chain of command. House rules and slave protocols are the order of the day, and everyone uses the new slave meat for their own satisfaction. This update features strap-on fucking, chain bondage, cock sucking service, face […]