Slave Initiation: Rosie

After her first day of becoming acclimated with how things work on TUF, it’s time for Rosie’s initiation. She is released from the trunk she was left in by Jack Hammer and finds her place with the other slaves. Unfortunately for Rosie, her most brutal critic is a distinguished guest this evening: Goddess Soma.

Soma has brought many slave up through the ranks in her time and is not easily impressed. She puts Rosie where she belongs, beneath her as a stool. After breaking Rosie down with a few pointed questions, she has the slaves bring her through the positions and correct her mistakes, bringing Rosie to have an authentic melt down. By crumbling her ego just enough, Soma enables her to finish the night as a real submissive slave.

Rosie spends the rest of the night on the floor in her own filth, serving the house slaves and pleasing cock. We think she will make an excellent addition to the house.

Come to this exclusive event, let the house slaves service you!